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{ Savannah's Reference } by Samagirl { Savannah's Reference } by Samagirl

:bulletpink: Name: Savannah.
:bulletred: Gender: Female.
:bulletpink: Age: 15 years.
:bulletred: Birthday: May 10 1999.
:bulletpink: Her hair is strawberry blonde.
:bulletred: Her hair curls and uncurls depending on humidity, and reaches down to her mid-thigh.
:bulletred: Has a short temper, quick to violence/anger. (if provoked)
:bulletpink: Is always afraid of what people think of her, even if she doesn't show it. 
:bulletred: Witty and sarcastic sense of humor. Likes to make jokes, likes to make people smile. 
:bulletpink: Can be a bit rude on a bad day, but not typically. Gets moody often. 
:bulletred: Polite, shy (around most people, besides her absolute best friends) , well-mannered, mostly reserved, smart. 

Optional accessories:
:bulletred: A pair of headphones with a built in microphone so she can practice singing and record it. The microphone and speaker can be switched to either side. They can be any color, since they constantly change color based on UV light and time of year. 
:bulletpink: A worn, faded synthetic leather bracelet with her name engraved in it.
:bulletred: A pair of clip-on satchels which can attach to a pair of pants, shorts, or a skirt.
:bulletpink: A silver cross necklace to remind her that God is with her always, even when the going gets rough. It has a jewel in the middle. It can take the place of her necklace in her warm weather outfit, or be worn under the jacket in cold weather.
:bulletred: An assortment of multicolored scrunchies. She can swap them out for her pink one. The colors include; white, black, yellow, mint green, blue, and navy blue.
:bulletpink: Her Nat-Nat cat plush. It was her first possession, and values it deeply. She sleeps with it every night.

:bulletred: Her warm weather outfit consists of a blue t-shirt with triangular cut fringe on the sleeves. It dips inward on the bottom front center. She also wears a dark blueish denim vest, a brown tied belt, jean shorts (can be exchanged for jeans of the same color), and a brown tied necklace (ends vary in length). She also wears her brown and pink shoes with ankle length socks. 
:bulletpink: Her cold weather outfit consists of a white jacket (with white fluff on the inside and tan/brown fluff on the ends of the sleeves and hood), a pair of dark jeans, and either her spring shoes or boots of the same color scheme. She wears any kind of form fitting T-shirt underneath the jacket. 

Hair styles:
:bulletred: Down. This is her most common, and is pretty much effortless. Her hair is wavy and reaches anywhere from hip to mid-thigh. 
:bulletpink: High ponytail. Less common, only worn on hot days or during physical activities.
:bulletred: Low ponytail. Almost never wears her hair like this, but she does whenever she's about to go to bed if she ties it back. Can be tied either at shoulder level or a few inches before the end of her hair. 
:bulletpink: Pigtails. Least common, only wears them when bugged enough by friends. Sometimes they are braided, and sometimes left alone. Left alone - reaches hip. Braided - reaches elbow. 


Savannah is a 14 year old girl with a love for drawing, reading, playing video games, stargazing, dinosaurs, mythology, and Okapis. Her imagination is active. She's 5'4" 1/2, and her eyes are grey-ish blue, with a hint of green. Her plush cat Nat Nat was her first possession, and she takes it with her on vacations or whenever she goes out-of-town. She loves to sing, but only in private or for a close friend. She likes being on stage, but has the worst case of stage freight. She hates heights, and will do anything necessary to avoid them.

She loves to ride horses, it's her favorite thing to do. While she doesn't have a horse, she likes to participate in camp and riding school rodeos when possible. She doesn't like the pace of riding schools, and would much rather free-roam on an open expanse of land than around a circle, through barrels or through poles. She is currently wanting to move from her current two story home to a ranch where she can do just that.

She also likes to play volleyball, and will sometimes play tennis and golf. She's pretty good at volleyball, decent in golf and in tennis. She enjoys serving the most in Volleyball.

She is sensible, practical and modest. She's reluctant to trust people who she doesn't know very well, or like. She's got a bit of a temper, but can normally control it. She's very sarcastic and enjoys making sarcastic jokes and comments. People who know her know that she won't stand for perverted jokes, comments, or gestures.

In a life or death situation where she could save someone over herself, she would sacrifice her life for them. She doesn't exactly want to die young, but if she had to, she'd want to go out saving someone else.


Savannah, art (c) Samagirl
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